Monday, November 26, 2012

Share Your Life After Diabetes Came to Stay

It helps to talk to others dealing with a Life Changing Event like finding out you have Diabetes.

Come join our group and and Share what is going on in your life because of changes you had to make in the way you live  to manage your Diabetes.  All you need to do is go to the comments and share your thoughts. 
If you are using a particular program and like it, you may talk about it, but links will not be
permitted.  Our Blog Mentor Google doesn't permit these outside links to commercial sites in the comments.

Courtesy, thoughtfulness and clean words are appreciated.

Just so you will know,  We don't offer medical advise or treatment.  This is just a conversation between people with a problem....... sharing what they do or have done to manage their Diabetes.



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  1. a blog about Doug Masiuk a type 1 diabetic who is running from the West coast to the East coast....getting near the end.!


    This really works.

    1. Windows "Night Light" causes a cream color.
      You seem to have asked on and I messed up my computer following the responses you received. Then I remembered a search string that resulted in seeing there's "turn off" for windows "night light". As for diabetes, I thought just never consume sugar nor anything that contains sugar. Most sugar is made from honey or sugarcane, so those are out already. I am guessing that's why they use plant leaf stuff for artificial sweeteners. Artificial is usually a fancy name for fewer employee deaths in the fabrication process. artificial crab is fish, for example, and crabbing is one of the most dangerous jobs. Now I have responded to a question on microsoft's website in my life. I apologize for being out of place.